Gus' Coffee Crowned Rockhampton's Best Coffee 2023

Gus' Coffee Crowned Rockhampton's Best Coffee 2023

In an exciting turn of events, Gus' Coffee has been crowned the Best Coffee in Rockhampton for the year 2023. This local gem has risen to the top of Rockhampton's thriving coffee scene, impressing coffee lovers and connoisseurs alike.

In a competition promoted by 'The Morning Bulletin Rockhampton', Gus' Coffee won the hearts of locals retaining a large portion of the votes. Take a look at the article written by The Morning Bulletin below. ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️


Gus’ Coffee: A Tribute to Tradition and Quality Coffee Crowned Rockhampton’s Best Coffee of 2023

In a heartwarming tale that resonates with both coffee connoisseurs and those who appreciate a loving tribute, Gus' Coffee has been named Rockhampton's best coffee for 2023. This beloved franchise, which began as a humble mobile van, has grown into a local treasure with four thriving locations throughout the city.

The story behind Gus' Coffee is a testament to the enduring power of a bond between father and son. A passion for crafting the perfect cup. Owner Jason 'Gus' Korda embarked on this coffee journey with a promise to his coffee-loving father, Gus Senior. The two shared a deep bond over coffee, savouring the ritual almost daily while Gus Senior worked as a waiter, chef, and all-around restaurant aficionado.

"I said to Dad, one day I want to make coffee for you," Mr. Korda fondly reminisced. "I’m going to make you a cafeteria in the showroom (of the factory), so we can share coffee that you love together."

Tragically, Gus Senior's life was cut short following a severe car accident, depriving father and son of their coffee dreams together. But from this loss emerged a legacy. Gus' Coffee became a tribute to the memory and passion of Gus Senior.

Mr. Korda, touched by the slow-paced charm of Rockhampton, decided to start Gus' mobile coffee van in his father's honour. Today, an image of Gus Senior adorns the walls of each Gus' Coffee location, a poignant reminder of the man whose passion for coffee set the foundation for the thriving franchise.

"At Gus' Coffee, we strive for quality of service, which my Dad was always really passionate about," Mr. Korda emphasised. He believes in the power of exceptional service to complement the carefully crafted brews.

"My favourite part of the job is watching people have a fantastic experience in the stores and thoroughly enjoying our unique blends."

Gus' Coffee's unique blends, known as Gus' Red Label and Black Label, were developed in collaboration with a skilled roaster, capturing the flavours that Gus Senior would have cherished.

Gus' Coffee is not only rooted in tradition but also embraces modernity. The introduction of Roboway, an exclusive contactless payment system available only at the Gus' drive-thru in Yeppoon, showcases their commitment to efficiency and convenience.

"I’m very thankful for our amazing staff, the franchise owners, my amazing family and loved ones, and especially the support of the community," Mr. Korda expressed his gratitude. "This wouldn’t be possible without them."

"I thank God for the precious moments with dad before he past".

In a close race for the title of Rockhampton's best coffee of 2023, the Fast Lane Drive-Thru Coffee secured the runner-up position with 10 percent of the vote. Nevertheless, it's clear that Gus' Coffee's commitment to honouring tradition and delivering exceptional service has won the hearts and taste buds of Rockhampton and Yeppoon residents, making it the undisputed champion of coffee in the city for the year 2023.

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