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Gus' Coffee Errupts onto Rockhampton Scene

It all started with a coffee van serving coffee at local events and businesses. Gus never imagined 10 years later that Gus' Coffee would be opening its fourth franchise and first drive through in Yeppoon. 

Having inherited a passion for providing the finest quality service and products from his father, coupled with an insatiable taste for more than just average coffee, Gus set out to create a sophisticated coffee experience that served only the highest quality coffee at a level of consistency like no other service in town.

The franchise opened its first store in the Northside Plaza Rockhampton 2013. It didn't take long for the small shop front cafe to gain popularity and build a loyal customer base like no other. People were coming from all over Rockhampton to get their beloved Gus' Coffee.

Gus' Coffee Stockland was opened by Roslyn Morgan in 2015. This was the second cafe located in the heart of Rockhampton's largest shopping centre. It was bound to do well serving coffee to locals and new comers to Rockhampton. 

As the popularity of the stores increased it was obvious that Gus' Coffee was something special. So Gus decided to expand and open a Third cafe on the Southside of Rockhampton. So George Street was born, much the same as the Northside Plaza Store but with a larger cafe dine-in experience. Justin and Julie Nothling bought the franchise and it began to grow quickly. George Street Gus' covered the Southside customers and Northside Plaza/Stockland covered the Northside customers.The franchises continued to thrive in conjunction and the desire for Gus' Coffee in Yeppoon ( a small coastal town 30 minutes from Rockhampton) was growing.

In the year 2021 Gaetano Starvaggi ( Northside Plaza Barista) decided to take his passion for coffee a step further and create Gus' first drive-thru. It was a bit of a risk, with Yeppoon being a smaller town, but on launch date it was clear that they had built something special. Gus' Coffee regulars could now get their fix without even leaving their car and the commute for those who worked in Rockhampton was now an enjoyable ride. 

Gus' Coffee is now a big part of Rockhampton and Yeppoon culture. The franchise continues to grow as they strive to bring the best coffee possible to their loyal fan base. You'll often hear the phrase, "Do you want a coffee? I'm headed to Gus'." 

Gus' Coffee, a shot above the rest.